After the flood

Don’t really have time to fully develop my thinking right now, but I wanted to use this blog entry as a place to identify some questions I have.

In no particular order…

There isn’t a lot of fat in the town budget, in fact, there’s more than a little muscle missing — for example, the town has no IT expertise on staff. Now we are confronted with emergency expenses and the reality that our grand list has just shrunk by a measurable amount. There are some painful choices on the horizon.

Should the Quechee Village core be redesigned? As Gov Shumlin noted, flooding events like these are predicted to increase as a warmer planet has more moisture in the atmosphere. As difficult as it is to imagine, the rainfall between midnight and 3pm was 7″ in Quechee and 12″ on top of Killington. If the storm had been just 10 miles east there would have been 12″ along the entire Ottaquechee River. Instead of being gutted on the ground floor, the three buildings at the Quechee bridge might well have gone down. The town’s decision about how to reconstruct the bridge in that vicinity has enormous implications.


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