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I put together a spreadsheet over the holidays to help me get my head wrapped around what happened with the different recreation projects.  All in all the shortfall is in the neighborhood of 3.5 million — information that could not have been developed by the citizen committee which came up with estimates. For example, they could not have known the complexity of the utility work required because that understanding only came after paid professionals worked on the question for many hours. Similarly the requirements for the prep work to support the artificial turf and track were not knowable without extensive and expensive soil engineering work.

Personally, I think the bond would have passed if it had been for 11.9 million instead of 8.9 million and that given the broad support for the effort, the strong desire to do the job correctly, the town would support a $3 million Supplemental Joint Town-School Recreation Bond.
Here it is as an Excel file:
Hartford VT Joint Rec Bond Project Costs
It is also available here online:
and finally as a PDF:
Spreadsheet with Joint Rec Project particulars
After completing this I drafted a presentation for the kickoff meeting of the town meeting cycle, the first-Monday-after-the-New-Year-holiday meeting formally called “Warrant Information Night” but known by the shorthand “Info Night” — the idea of this meeting being that the school and town let everyone know what things are being discussed to be put on the ballot for voting day on the first Tuesday of March. That way there is public input and discussion before the school and town boards finalize the town meeting warning in late January. The warnings are made of up of ‘warrants’ thus the meeting name.
Here is a link to see the presentation I gave called “Joint Recreation Projects Status” online:
It’s also available here as a PDF: Slideshow on Joint Rec Project Status
You can watch Info Night online at

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