Municipal Building Decision Process

I’ve shared this draft with the selectboard as a model for going forward with a decision about the municipal building

Municipal Office Space Evaluation Scenarios Committee

The committee shall bring before the board no later than Wednesday, Nov 7, 2012 three or more scenarios that describe how the need for office space for town government, and, in some scenarios, school administration as well, will be satisfied for the period 2014 – 2050. One scenario has already been thoroughly vetted: rehabilitating the existing municipal building. This scenario fails to address the goal of having school offices sharing building tenancy with the town offices, a goal that now has support on both governing boards and respective executive managers. The selectboard is interested in obtaining a scenario that adds to the existing rehabilitation approach, plus at least one other scenario that addresses other criteria of interest.

Here are the reasons why the town must act:

All scenarios must satisfy these goals:

The board desires at least two scenarios which also satisfy these goals:

Scenarios which include these goals are welcomed:

All scenarios should include an estimated total cost of acquisition, design, construction, furniture and technology, and any other elements needed to open for business. Annual operating costs should be estimated, and a life-cycle cost through 2050 must be provided.

The committee shall have full access to all documents prepared in the two studies for rehabilitating the existing building, to wit, the 2007-2008 work leading to the defeated bond measure of 2009 town meeting, and the 2011 work of a subcommittee of the Selectboard. The town manager shall assist the committee in obtaining such additional information as they may require, at reasonable expense not to exceed $10,000 total without approval of the Selectboard.

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