3 Ways to Vote in the Town Meeting Election

I) In Person – Early from Thursday, Feb 13 until Monday, Mar 3,  just show up at the Town Clerk’s office: 8:30 am – 5pm Mon-Fri  |  171 Bridge St White River Jct VT 05001 II) By Mail – Request a ballot from the Town Clerk via phone, email, fax or in person 1) Call […]

Our Next Police Chief

It’s well known around town that Police Chief Glenn Cutting will be resigning this coming spring, and Hartford Police department actions will be getting a lot of attention since Derek Daoust is running for the 3 year Selectboard seat on a ‘throw the bums out’ campaign directed at the town manager and police chief. Derek […]

Why isn’t the Charter being followed?

As I’ve explained in earlier posts, I ran for the select board in order to get public discussion and debate going around the issue of committing to a strategy of regionalization. However, I was stymied by the lack of opportunity to engage in debate and discussions. First, the town made no provision to bring information […]

“Pretty Damn Good for a Flatlander from Quechee”

That was the message a local with deep family roots in Hartford had for me last night after he heard the election results. I laughed, and immediately felt better about losing 513-433. Especially to Sam Romano, who has yet to cast a vote on the Selectboard I disagree with (when I put in my petition […]

Improving town – citizen info flow

The town’s website just isn’t delivering what Hartford needs. I just went to look for the minutes of the January board meetings, and they are still not posted. The last set of minutes are from the end of December. Similarly, there’s no discussion of how the audit materials were removed from the printed town report […]

Town Offices: Rebuild or Replace?

No matter who wins the 2 year Selectboard seat, Hartford will have at least one person on the Selectboard who’s inclination is to build new town offices instead of trying to renovate the 100 year old building we currently use. Both Sam Romano and I agree that it will be a better use of our […]

Regionalization + Technology: Two ways to help Hartford prosper

Hartford is very well run by town manager Hunter Rieseberg and the key issues it faces have to do with the limitations the economy have put on the ability of the town to raise taxes, or worse, hold them constant in the face of increasing costs, particularly for health care, at a time when so […]

On the Collapse of Prospect Place

The Prospect Place development is dead for now, but with all the work that has been put into the concept it will be well worth the effort of the town to do what it can to preserve the opportunity. The single most important step the town can take is to get the state to approve […]

Candidate for Selectboard: F. X. Flinn

Hi, my name is F. X. Flinn and I’m running for the Hartford, Vermont Board of Selectmen on Town Meeting Day in 2011. The election will be held on Tuesday, March 8th. This blog is designed to give the voters in our community an opportunity to connect directly with me in a fashion that allows […]