Community Leaders

Our Next Police Chief

It’s well known around town that Police Chief Glenn Cutting will be resigning this coming spring, and Hartford Police department actions will be getting a lot of attention since Derek Daoust is running for the 3 year Selectboard seat on a ‘throw the bums out’ campaign directed at the town manager and police chief. Derek […]

Discussion Group Heats Up

Check out Ken Parker’s terrific email on the Hartford Discussion List tonight: Anyone can subscribe to this group by sending a blank email message to: Nope, you don’t need to put in a subject line!

Why isn’t the Charter being followed?

As I’ve explained in earlier posts, I ran for the select board in order to get public discussion and debate going around the issue of committing to a strategy of regionalization. However, I was stymied by the lack of opportunity to engage in debate and discussions. First, the town made no provision to bring information […]

Luke Eastman for School Board

I asked Luke Eastman to write up something I could share with my readers. I’ll be voting for Luke on Tuesday. Here’s what he has to say for himself: Hartford schools are under mounting pressure from Montpelier to consolidate.  I will be a staunch advocate for Hartford’s world-class elementary schools and work tirelessly to ensure […]

Wendell Barwood – An Appreciation

Wendell Barwood was a friend of mine and I am grateful for the opportunity to say that. I met Mr. Barwood shortly after moving to Quechee in the spring of 1997. Over the course of the next few years, listening to the stories told by the first generation of Quechee Lakes owners, I came to […]