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The Quechee Bridge Bond

Tuesday night at 6pm at the Bugbee Center (262 N Main St, White River Jct VT 05001), the Hartford Selectboard will make a CRITICAL DECISION about the Quechee Bridge. The decision is about a bond issue for the ballot in March. The way the language is written, if the bond issue fails, there will BE […]

FHWA Emergency Repair Program Manual Analysis

The FHWA Emergency Relief Program description is also online here in case you want to read it online: Now, after reading the FHWA material I dug into its manual, available at Blue highlights are mine. Right on the first page we read: The ER program provides for repair and restoration of highway facilities […]

Candidate for Selectboard 2012

I’ve taken out petitions from the Town Clerk and will be collecting signatures this weekend to run for a seat on the Hartford Selectboard this winter. Having attended most of the Selectboard meetings this year, I appreciate the amount of time and energy this position requires, and the difficult decisions that face our town now […]