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Homesite Form Reminder

Take out your tax bill and look at it and see if you are getting an adjustment from the state. Most Hartford homeowners have a good chunk of their tax bill paid for by the State of Vermont. Those are the “adjustments” listed on your bill — that money actually comes to the town in a […]

How accurate is our down-to-the-dollar budget?

The selectboard was sent a budget yesterday with a note that the upshot of last Tuesday’s changes was to increase the tax rate. This was followed by a call looking to set up a special board meeting next Tuesday to discuss the warrants, budget and town report. Since we now have a new window of […]

Preliminary Results of the Curbside Recycling Survey

For whatever you might get out of it, here are the survey results as of 5pm. The 350 emails I sent to Hartford folks got 89 responses, the survey I posted on the QLLA list (another 300 participants) got 42 responses. This is today’s result, it’ll be interesting to see how it goes over the […]