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Taxes in Hartford: a 10 year history

I assembled a tax history for the town based on the detailed table of town data I assembled last year from town reports and audits and used as the basis for the surplus history report I sent out around this time last year. This one, though, is more focused on the elements that make up […]

Why Fluoridation isn’t coming to Hartford

Here are some facts first, so we are all on the same page: Q) Who has the power to decide whether or not fluoride is added to the White River Jct, Wilder or Quechee water systems? A) The town manager Q) Will the town manager add it? A) The town manager has repeatedly said that he will […]

The way we are paying for WABA is screwed up

I had a chance to dig out my copies of the materials handed out at the public hearings on the Joint Town-School Recreation Facilities bond of 2013. Here is a scan of WABA as conceptualized at the time, showing 6 new locker rooms on the west side. WABA Diagrams presented at 2013 Public Hearings These […]

Joint Rec Bond Project info

I put together a spreadsheet over the holidays to help me get my head wrapped around what happened with the different recreation projects.  All in all the shortfall is in the neighborhood of 3.5 million — information that could not have been developed by the citizen committee which came up with estimates. For example, they […]