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Take out your tax bill and look at it and see if you are getting an adjustment from the state. Most Hartford homeowners have a good chunk of their tax bill paid for by the State of Vermont. Those are the “adjustments” listed on your bill — that money actually comes to the town in a check from the State.

So don’t forget to register for this homesite tax relief. You can do it online at:

It’s really important that all Hartford resident homeowners sign up for this. It is an important way that the town gets back more of the dollars its property owners put into the state education fund.

For a lot of homeowners, the actual amount of money you will need to pay the town next year will be the same as last year. In fact, it would be difficult for the town to cut spending enough for you to see any reduction in what you pay, and it would be even more difficult for the town to raise spending enough for you to see any increase in what you pay. This is probably true for the majority of homeowners in Hartford, so please remind your friends and neighbors to sign up again this year. And please support the Hartford Improvement Bonds. They are a way forward to increasing our tax base and thus spreading taxes among more payers, reducing them for everyone. And, because of the way Vermont property taxes are, in effect, income taxes, even the tax increases to pay for the bonds are not likely to raise the actual amount of money about 60% of Hartford homeowners will need to pony up. It’s a very smart way for Hartford to be less of a “gold town” in terms of paying more into the state education fund than we take out for the schools.


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