Wendell Barwood – An Appreciation

Wendell Barwood was a friend of mine and I am grateful for the opportunity to say that. I met Mr. Barwood shortly after moving to Quechee in the spring of 1997. Over the course of the next few years, listening to the stories told by the first generation of Quechee Lakes owners, I came to realize that Wendell had played a key role in helping Quechee Lakes establish itself as a community within a community. Local residents would be welcomed, not ignored; new residents would be encouraged to participate in the wider town; and the true rationale for Quechee, to be a recreational community with many full timers, would never be forgotten. Today the twists and turns of the market have unbalanced Quechee from the vision of its originators, but Wendell’s encouragement to me and to many other Quechee fulltimers — that we make that extra effort to assert our connection with the wider town — will live on.

We will all miss him; we have all benefited from his community spirit.

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