Other Candidates

Our Next Police Chief

It’s well known around town that Police Chief Glenn Cutting will be resigning this coming spring, and Hartford Police department actions will be getting a lot of attention since Derek Daoust is running for the 3 year Selectboard seat on a ‘throw the bums out’ campaign directed at the town manager and police chief. Derek […]

Luke Eastman for School Board

I asked Luke Eastman to write up something I could share with my readers. I’ll be voting for Luke on Tuesday. Here’s what he has to say for himself: Hartford schools are under mounting pressure from Montpelier to consolidate.  I will be a staunch advocate for Hartford’s world-class elementary schools and work tirelessly to ensure […]

Town Offices: Rebuild or Replace?

No matter who wins the 2 year Selectboard seat, Hartford will have at least one person on the Selectboard who’s inclination is to build new town offices instead of trying to renovate the 100 year old building we currently use. Both Sam Romano and I agree that it will be a better use of our […]